Promotech is a dynamic entity that for more than a decade operates in the lighting integration field, a particular lighting concept that we have invented.

Our aim is to propose ourselves as a partner for designing, realizing and installing complete custom systems created and produced through intelligent and advanced solutions to satisfy particular needs in style, techniques or exclusivity.

Already from the start we defined the concept “lighting integration” to identify our revolutionary idea and philosophy that predicts integration of light within material, furniture and ambiences. With our determination and trust we have arrived today with a portfolio of delivered projects, acquired know-how and proposed solutions like no other company in our field.


Our mission is to go beyond the expectation of our clients and deliver the most innovative ideas and foresee new technological solutions in lighting integration. We want to inspire and enhance new solutions in any interior design setting, regardless of style or ambience.

We want to be a company that stands out of the crowd, a company to which one can turn to when in need of revolutionary lighting integration installations.


Z.I. Le Bocchette
Via dei Fabbri, 15
55041 – Camaiore (Lucca)
Telefono: +39 0584 55026
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